The drone EYE09 impresses because of its unique base concept.

Compact at transport and a standardized payload interface what sets this apart from others.

Without any losable parts EYE09 is folded up and ready to use within seconds. No mission should be at risk because of lost or fallen parts.

The closed appearance give no contact surface for accumulation of mud in harsh missions.

An integrated pilots view cam allows safe control with the live view. Whatever payload is mounted.
Therefore without to restrict the pilots view, the payload cam is independent of the attitude adjustable.

Design and product

cad design 2011
product 2013

Nothing was left to chance.
The development process corresponding to aeronautics and automotive standards allows us to define details in early stage.

Portable solution

folded for transport

To go with your needs EYE09 is
the high portable system.
There are no losable parts!


The set-up time takes seconds only.

Set-up means:
Fold up and attach the chosen payload within one motion.
This includes locking of the fold-mechanism, too.